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Review: Whatever for Hire

Making a deal with the devil is never a good idea, but sometimes he can be too enticing to pass up. Kanika knows all of this and yet she finds herself caught up in a favor to the devil where her new job as guardian may very well end her life prematurely. My review of the romantic comedy, Whatever for Hire.

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Review: The Midnight Jewel

Mira, a refugee, gets a ticket to Andoria where she has wanted to go all along. She only has to enter the Glittering Court where she'll be trained to be a lady and then marry someone when she gets there. Easy enough? Maybe not for this linguistically talented, crime fighting, pirate and spy! My review of the fantasy novel, The Midnight Jewel.

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First Impression Friday – Juliet Takes a Breath

Spanish, libraries, Portland, and Powell's bookshop, this book hits all the spots as Juliet works on finding out how to be her best self. My first impression of the novel, Juliet Takes a Breath.