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The MOST Exciting Book I’ve Ever Found!

Do you have a rare name? A common name?

If you fall into the “unique” category, then it is likely that you often don’t find your name in literary characters. If you do, it is almost never the main character…and maybe it isn’t even spelt the same.

My first name is Aletha. (A-lee-tha)

There’s a story to how I got it involving a waitress at a truck stop, but that’s unimportant now.

I know I’ll never see my name on personalized souvenirs. I know it’ll never in a song (as much as I ask for it). It doesn’t rhyme with much…

A friend of mine sent me a pair of shoes on Amazon that are “Aletha” shoes. Their label name is just that. It made my day!

Then I got on Amazon and found a shirt…and a BUNCH of books.

Sad note, the books only showed up in the stage because of authors or narrators…except one.



Aletha’s Surprise Destiny

“In this third book of the series, you’ll met Aletha. Trying to escape her brutal father, she meets Holly who of course provides the answer for her dilemma. Before she knows it, she’s on a train headed for Nevada. She meets her shy and withdrawn husband who really wants nothing to do with her. But there’s a reason he’s withdrawn and it has to do with his childhood… AND hers. Find out how the two were divinely brought together to find healing for their hearts.”

  1. Christian Romance is right up my alley, even if the Old West isn’t usually my typically setting!
  2. Aletha seems to have red hair from the cover of the book!! ❤
  4. She is a mail order bride. I must read on.
  5. $0.99 on Amazon Kindle


Sold. (Or shall I say “bought”.) Downloaded. Ready to read!

To be continued…


Sidenote: I think this will be kind of a strange read because it is my name? Do people get that feeling if they have a more common name that characters share more often? Is it still as exciting? Is it still as strange to read about someone with your name? Is this what meeting someone with your name feels like?

Mild panic before I hunker down and read. Mostly excitement, but some mild panic.

Do you have a less common name? Have you found a book with your name?


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