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First Impression Friday – Hubris

What is First Impression Friday: It’s a chance to talk about any and all thoughts as you start a new book (be it one page in, one chapter, or more)! I also often find that by the time this post is up…I’ve finished the book and have moved on to other ones…with a review typed and scheduled to post… 🙂 So really, join at any stage! Thank you thank, J.W. Martin, for hosting!


First Impression Friday(4)


Author: Sarah V. Hines


Hubris (The Siren Tragedies Book 1) by [Hines, Sarah V.]


Self-publishing is hard, promoting your work is hard, and I admire the world out of anyone that can go down that route.

Here is a self-published piece that I decided to check out because someone in a writing group brought up their work and I was interested in reading it!



I was nervous that I wasn’t going to like it. 14% in and I am so pleasantly surprised!


Here’s the premise:

“The orders Alexandros gave his youngest daughter were simple—retrieve something lost to him and kill those who laid eyes on it.

The consequences, however, are much more burdensome. With the threat of a purge of humanity and the destruction of everything that Telese and the other Sirens have sought to uphold for billions of years, her job—and possibly her very life—are nearing a violent end. As her father furthers a dark agenda that is shrouded in secrecy from even the Sirens, Telese must choose: allow him to control their fate to the bitter, inevitable finale, or fight back.

Enlisting the help of the self-serving Dark World along with the weakening Light World amidst their eternal war and convincing the fearful Sirens to rebel against the man who has threatened them with torture and death their entire lives are only the beginning. To save the Sirens and humans from his veiled intentions, she must stop Alexandros, himself. But how do you stop the one who writes the rules for all of existence?”



Telese is spunky, strong, and independent. I love that.


There already exists diversity among the characters in various forms, although they are mythical so it seems that they reflect the environments in which they work rather than belong to particular societies or cultures.


The writing is gripping. It took me a while to get used to the change in perspective from chapter to chapter (especially without clearly labeled perspectives), but I enjoy the characters. I already am cheering some on and I already DESPISE some. (Did I mention that I am only 14% in?)


The mix of mythical and magical with a modern-day college setting has appealed to me thus far. It is also in no way cheesy or childish.


I didn’t know if I really wanted to read about sirens after reading Kiera Cass’ “The Siren” which I didn’t particularly care for. However, the sirens in this story aren’t the stereotypical singers of the ocean singing men to their deaths. The story is much more complex than that.


I even made myself stop reading so that I could explain my first impressions before I finished it too early and they were all just distant pleasant memories.



  1. Telese is going to fight Alexandros (I’m not to that part…but the premise deems it so.)
    1. She’s going to win…? Maybe not in this book, as it is a series!
  2. Telese and Mortimer are gonna have a thing…at least I hope they are gonna have a thing…even if he is cocky and a Dark Lord.
  3. 4 or 5 out of 5 star rating for me!


It is only $3.99 on Amazon in the Kindle Format, and you’d get a chance to support a self-published author, if this interests you, await my review OR just check it out yourself!


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