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Top 5 Books That I Liked That Others Didn’t

Happy Top 5 Tuesday!

Top 5 Tuesday is a meme hosted by Shanah, at Bionic Book Worm each week discussing different ways of rating all bookish things! Check it out!

This week caused me to think quite a bit, mostly because I read a lot of books that tend to be more mainstream and popular or that were recommended by my friends. Some of the books that I list below are books that other people liked…just not necessarily my friends.

Top 5 Tuesday(3)

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1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Now…I’m not saying all others didn’t like it. I know it has a huge following and I met people who loved it at the very first book signing I ever went to…which was hers. But I was/am OBSESSED. COMPLETELY and UTTERLY OBSESSED and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and I’ve borrowed them my unsigned copy, forcing it upon them…and it is only…meh reviews. WHAT!? AHHHH.


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2. Anything by Ally Carter

Once again, it isn’t like she doesn’t have a following. I’ve been loving her since the Gallagher series first came out. I remember seeing the copy at the library and picking it up…and devouring it. Then years later I found her books again…by years later I mean during graduate school. I stayed up all night reading the rest of the Gallagher Girl Series and then starting in on the Heist Series and the new Embassy Row series as it came out…and all my roommates and friends could do was laugh a little bit at my habits and obsession. My sisters never seemed to get into it either…In most fairness, I wasn’t able to talk any of my roommates into reading it…and perhaps they would like it if they would give it a chance…what is wrong with super strong, independent, badass, high schoolers who moonlight as spies, thieves, or bring down evil governments? (Speaking of which, I just read her latest, Not If I Save You First!)


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3. Dear America Books

I remember adoring the historical fiction in diary format staring a female protagonist. I loved EVERY bit of them. My friends were obsessed with the American Girl Doll books at the time, which had the same idea…but they weren’t sold on the Dear America Books, I will never understand why not. Even the feel of the book cover was special. The stories were unique and the eras/events varied greatly!


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4. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

This is the only book that I’ve ever reread. I’m not saying that it is the best book I’ve ever read, I’m not even sure it is my favorite of all the Nicholas Sparks’ books anymore (The Guardian did me in), but I adore(d) it. I loved the veterinarian neighbor, the parasailing adventures, and the life afterwards that was filled with remorse and grief showing that not everything ends in a fairy tale (…although then it did…which made me mad). It just seemed like everyone around me thought “meh” and moved on. I am so stuck on it. Like I said, it is the only book I have ever reread…and I’ll probably reread it again.


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5. The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

It wasn’t that nobody liked it, but I was the only one in my tenth grade American Literature course that LOVED it. It is still one of my favorite novels, to this day! In a way that the Honors English class tended to enjoy  Lord of the Flies, while other classes despised it…I think I had a good presentation of it. It was like a fantastic book club, about a story that touched me in a way that literature hadn’t moved me before… I should probably reread this one.


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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Books That I Liked That Others Didn’t

    1. Yes! I really need to reread it again as well (and I’ve been meaning to for a while, now)! I have some of her other works sitting on my shelves, I’m glad to hear you love them all! I’ll get started on those!

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