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Top 5 Characters That Would Win ‘Survivor’.

Now that spring break is over and the first week of school back is over, life shows no signs of slowing down until the middle of May, so now it is time to set routines and stick to them! With that note, here is another Top 5 Tuesday!

Thank you, Shanah, at Bionic Book Worm for hosting! This week is all about characters that I would pick to win Survivor.

My family has religiously watched the TV show Survivor since the beginning. I remember Rupert being a family favorite in Survivor: Pearl Islands and then later on with his future appearances. To say the least, I’ve learned a few things about the “game”.

If you haven’t seen Survivor, it is a reality show, set in various remote areas where people are dropped off with few/no possessions and must work together to stay alive.

What’s the catch? There are two teams competing against each other to stay alive…and beat the other in challenges to gain rewards and stay in the game…and ultimately win $1,000,000

What happens if the team doesn’t win? If the team doesn’t win immunity, they must go to tribal council where that team votes one of their own out…thus weakening them for the next week and for survival in general (unless you are cutting out someone who is better not being on your team).

How does someone win? After the tribes get to small, they are merged. You can win individual immunity through winning challenges or finding immunity idols. Then at a certain point, they start building a jury. All the contestants that are voted out after that time become a part of the jury and will vote between the final contestants for the champion.

What skills are needed to win?

  • Survival Skills – Good for the day to day living.
    • Shelter building
    • Food Gathering
    • Ability to eat all types of food.
    • Ability to sleep on all surfaces.
  • Physical Fitness (although not necessary to win, they put you at an advantage when it comes to obstacle course competitions and building huts/feeding oneself).
  • Cleverness – Good for puzzle games and other ideas to create unique shelters/tools
  • Social Skills/Manipulation Skills – Social Skills doesn’t mean the ability to manipulate, and perhaps one doesn’t have to manipulate others…but you have to win over people to form alliances, feed them the right information or keep your mouth shut, be loyal until you can’t be anymore, and then hope you won over enough jurors from their life knowing you that they will vote for you to win the million dollars!

Those are the things that I took into account for choosing these characters.


Top 5 Tuesday(2).png

1 – Jamie Fraser (Outlander Series)

He’s used to surviving without the modern amenities, being from 18th century Scotland and all. I think that he’d not only charm the other contestants, but he’d succeed at challenges, he’d be handy in crafting a shelter and providing for his team. People would appreciate him and when they realized that he was a threat, he’d evade getting voted off by finding immunity idols, winning challenges, and playing into the hands of the others. He’s a smooth talker and extremely likeable, and if an actual threat ever came…he’s a stellar sword fighter.

2 – Calaena Sardothien (Throne of Glass Series)

Calaena has been through quite a bit of difficulties. Her past experiences include being a slave and an assassin, among other things that would spoil the series for you. She’s tough as nails and extremely stealthy. She is patient and can stake out a place for long periods of time. She’s also cunning and plans things ten steps ahead of anyone else. If you were playing against her, you’d think you were outsmarting her or helping her and in five weeks she’d already have you voted off through unveiling a crime you hadn’t even committed yet… she’s that good.

She wouldn’t win friends on the jury front, but she’d work everything in a way where people were blackmailed into having her win or where she made them dislike the other person even more. She’s a very threatening person and I have no doubt, when facing her opponents, that she would outwit, outlast, and outplay them all.

3 – Sirius Black (Harry Potter Series)

Talk about someone who is kind and funny…and who knows how to play the long-term game. Sirius’ shaggy dark hair already has the looks of a Survivor finalist (back to Rupert) and I don’t doubt that he’d be able to withstand the physical elements as well as the social elements. He’d make a good spy as he appears near their feet as a friendly dog and we all know that he is good at planning alliances that go on to achieve their goal.

He genuinely cares about the goodwill of the group and is willing to sacrifice himself for everyone else. The fact that people can notice these qualities in him would be a great game strategy because they’d want to keep him around and do him no harm. No magic needed.

4 – Nina Zenik (Six of Crows)

I thought about Inej initially, but then I realized that Nina is a complete bag of tricks. Not only is she a good fighter, physically capable, and used to rough conditions, but she can also turn on her charm while manipulating people to do what she wants. She has everything a Survivor winner would need to get to the end…and I think she is genuine enough that the jury would vote her the winner because they wouldn’t even realize they had been manipulated…or they wouldn’t care.

5 – Jack Deveaux (Arcana Chronicles)

Although Evie or Death would do, I didn’t think it was fair to choose them because most of their special qualities have been honed over time or are due to supernatural powers. Jack on the other hand is completely normal. Although he isn’t the kindest to the main character at the start, he is beloved by his community and grows a lot to become beloved by others. He’s a natural survivor and scavenger. He’s honest and hardworking and he always has a “bug out” plan in case things go wrong. His resourcefulness would come in handy when feeding his tribe and his honesty would win him the jury!

^^If you haven’t read the Arcana Chronicles, I recommend it!^^



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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Characters That Would Win ‘Survivor’.

  1. WOW!! You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into this! Every one of your choices is perfect! Sirius Black is one of my all time favourites and I would put my money on him to win. Maybe Nina too. She would be underestimated, but she is physically and mentally strong enough to handle anything!
    Thanks so much for participating – added you to the list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! I really liked this prompt, I think it was original and fun! (Plus, also a huge Survivor fan…obviously. haha)

      I agree I think Nina would be a shooing, although I’m not sure who I would pick for the ultimate champion of my five! Too much pressure!

      Liked by 1 person

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