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Buying Books: Thriftbooks

Do you like the smell of books and the feel of it between your hands? Do you like shopping online? Do you like free shipping across the US? (Tested and proven to Alaska!) Are you okay with used books for a great price? (Let’s face it, books aren’t always cheap.)

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions above, then I have the solution for you!

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Have you heard about Thriftbooks? is a website that sells new and used copies of any assortment of books. When I can’t find copies of the book at my local libraries and I don’t want to pay the Amazon/Retail price, or when the book I want isn’t carried at larger retailers because it is more of a niche “indie” read, Thriftbooks seems to come through!


Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a free account.
  2. Browse books by title, author, genre, or even the “deals” Thriftbooks has going.
  3. Put the books into your cart as you select a ‘type’ and ‘quality’.
  4. Make sure you spend over $10 to get free shipping (but who doesn’t when buying books?)
  5. Check out & wait for the postal worker to deliver your goods!


Some things I love about Thriftbooks:

  1. Educator Discount! If you order over 20 books, you will get a slight discount, which will be helpful for me as the shelves in my classroom library are bare at the moment and with some patience and shopping around, Thriftbooks can often get me a better price than Scholastic.
  2. Reading Rewards! For every $50 you spend, you get a $5.00 off coupon on your next purchase. Now I know that it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I always appreciate any sort of rewards system that gets me a free book!
  3. Thriftbooks Deals. Thriftbooks offers a lot of classics through their “deals” and this basically means that you can get books at a fairly discounted rate. If you have your entire year of high school literature class reading to buy and you know the syllabus and what books you’ll need to purchase, you could more than likely find most of them as part of the “deals” meaning you’ll get a better discount than the lowest price for which most books sell. ($3.79)


Some things that are frustrating:

  1. Shipping Time. Although they provide tracking, it isn’t as convenient as Amazon where you’re promised two-day delivery for free. These books come in orders that are convenient from where they are shipped and can take up to 14 business days. (I’m anxiously awaiting my arrivals in bush village Alaska, but even Amazon doesn’t guarantee two-day delivery here).
  2. Lack of Newer Titles. As with all used book businesses, books get cheaper when they are older and there are more copies floating around. Newer titles are harder to come by, and they are no cheaper on Thriftbooks. This is also an issue sometimes if the book you are looking for was not mass produced or is an extremely niche category because you may find it here, but it may be closer to a normal book price.
  3. Quality/Type. When I first started shopping on, I found myself buying a series that I was incredibly excited about. Now, I prefer to have all of the binding/sizes the same (in other words the same edition), but I’m not always the pickiest about that. However, one time I picked a “Library Binding Edition” not really knowing what that meant and although it was my own fault, it is just a word of caution. Make sure to double check what you are buying because there are multiple formats and the cheapest isn’t always the prettiest or best condition.
    • On a side note, I’ve never received a book that was in extremely poor quality. (I’ve also never purchased below “Acceptable” quality…if there is such a thing.)



Give it a try! If you want to try it out, get 15% off here!


If not, feel free to share with me how you get your hands on all the good reads! I am always looking for new ways to buy/read books!





*This is not an ad, nor did Thriftbooks purchase, persuade, pursue this post in any way. I am merely sharing my point of view of a way to buy books that I have found extremely helpful and well-priced.

6 thoughts on “Buying Books: Thriftbooks

  1. Reblogged this on Tumbleweed Soul and commented:

    As I begin packing to visit the lower 48 this summer, I always pack the same things first: books and gifts…in that order. While I didn’t come to Alaska with books, I have purchased quite a few and will be taking all of my “read” books home to MN.

    That means…it is time to start replenishing the shelf!

    Here’s a quick and easy way I’ve found to get access to a wide assortment of used books, at a cheap price…AND with FREE shipment!

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    1. Yes!! Thriftbooks is truly wonderful! They don’t have the $1 clearance books that a local Half Price would have, but they have such a wide selection…and free shipping! 🙂

      I’ve never tried HPB online though!


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